Let us introduce to you the Cornered Challenge, and a new accessory: the Corner Mould Lighting!

CORNERED with lights


One sunny morning, we were thinking of you and we realized something – we could definitely come up with a solution to the loss of space in the corners!

So we got to work and created the brand new Cornered Challenge:
A panel of fruit-like orange and lime green round holds with two twists: it is the corner that is to be climbed up AND it shines! We designed specific corner moulds lit up with LED lights to brighten your day and outpace the sun.

Rejoice, this Challenge announces Spring is coming!

Challenge category: Classic Challenge

Number of Climber: 1

Height: 4 heights available (6.4m, 7.6m, 8.8m, 10.0m / 19.6ft, 22.9ft, 26.2ft, 32.8ft)                   



Corner Mould Lighting on Speed Climb and Aliens
Corner Mould Lighting on Speed Climb and Aliens


Please welcome your Challenges’ trendy new outfits: the Corner Mould Lighting.

They will spice up your decoration and while lit up all the way to the top, they will pulse and flash when customers hit the top out buttons! If you can cope with the bright lights, welcome to the spotlights!

What is more: they are adaptable to every existing Challenge. We recommend adding it to Speed Climb (see the work of art above) and Aliens Challenges.





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